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Listed below are Equestrian Travel Titles issued by other publishers.  Click on title for description and a picture.  Many of these authors are Members of The Long Riders' Guild;  these books are listed here as a courtesy.

Abenteuer Reiter
The account - in German - of the Long Rider's journey so far from Tierra del Fuego to the US border.
Günter Wamser
Alaska:  Sur les traces des pionniers
Three Long Riders recount their adventures in Alaska.
Laurent Granier, Philippe Lansac, Megan Son
L'amazone des Amériques
French translation of Ana Beker's amazing ride from Argentina to Canada (see "The Courage to Ride").
Jean-Louis Gouraud

L'Asie Centrale - Centre du monde (du cheval)

Ce que montre ici Long Rider Jean-Lois Gouraud, c’est que cette vaste région de steppes et de déserts, berceau du cheval de prjevalski et de l’akhal-téké, de Gengis Khan et de Tamerlan, peut également être considérée comme le centre du monde… du cheval.

Jean-Louis Gouraud
Bud and Me 
The story of two little boys who rode from New York to San Francisco in 62 days - alone - in 1911!
Alta Abernathy
The Byerley Turk
The astonishing true story of one of the foundation stallions of the English thoroughbred.
Jeremy James
Cavalier des Steppes
Long Rider Nicolas recounts his adventures across the mountains of Central Asia (French).
Nicolas Ducret
C'era una volta l'est
The tale of a ride from Italy to Belarus, through Slovenia, Hungary and Ukraine.  (Italian)
Dario Masarotti and Antonietta Spizzo
Chasing the California Dream
A  wonderful account of a solo horseback journey along the California Coast.
Lisa F. Wood
Chevaux - Horses - Pferde
A wonderful book, available in three languages, with stunning equine images.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Text by Long Rider Jean-Louis Gouraud

Chevauchée des Steppes, La 
A 3,000 kilometre adventure along the Silk Route (French)
Sylvain Tesson and Priscilla Telmon
Cities of Gold 
A journey through the American Southwest in the footsteps of a legendary 16th Century explorer.
Douglas Preston
The exciting story of twelve hundred wilderness miles, eleven mountain ranges and twenty-two river crossings in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
Stan Walchuk Jr.
Deux Chevaux pour Un Cavalier 
The story of Mikhail Asseyev's truly astonishing  ride from Kiev to Paris in 33 days.  (French)
L. V. Evdokimov
Don Roberto
The biography of Robert Cunninghame Graham in French.
Aime Tschiffely (translated by Bernadine Cheviron)
Empire of Genghis Khan, In the 
A journey among the nomads of Central Asia.
Stanley Stewart
The Evliya Çelebi Way
The guidebook to a long-distance horse trail following the 1671 pilgrimage of the Ottoman traveller Evliya Çelebi through the scenic countryside of western Anatolia, Turkey.
Caroline Finkel and Kate Clow with Donna Landry
A journey across Mongolia on horseback.
Ian D. Robinson
Les Galopins Magnifique
The amazing true story of the Abernathy Boys has been translated into French.
Jean-Louis Gouraud
High Horses
An Andean Adventure
John Labouchere
Horse called George along the Oregon Trail, With a
Famous Swiss artist rides the Oregon Trail.
Hafis Bertschinger
Horseback Journeys of Celia Fiennes
Elizabeth Barrett retraces Celia Fiennes' astonishing rides. 
Elizabeth Barrett
Horses Forever
An enchanting book for younger horse-lovers. 
Lawrence Scanlan
In the Footsteps of Marco Polo  
The first journey in modern history to retrace the route of Marco Polo from Venice, Italy, to Beijing, China.
Harry Rutstein
A must-read for anyone planning a trip to this vast country.
Dagmar Schreiber
Last Secrets of the Silk Road, The
In the footsteps of Marco Polo by Horse and Camel
Alexandra Tolstoy
Long Way to Los Gatos, The
The story of how Verne Albright rode two Peruvian Pasos from Peru to California - alone.
Verne Albright
Manuel de Randonée équestre
The best and most informative handbook in the French language!
Jean-François Ballereau
Maze, The 
The story of a bold adventure on horseback through red rock canyons and vast open plains of Arizona.
Lucy Rees
Misty's Long Ride - Across America on Horseback
The story of a journey across the USA - as told by the horse!
Howard Wooldridge
Mustang Journal
An American Long Rider undertakes a 3,000 mile journey across the USA with her mustang.
Lisa Wood
Off the Rails
Long Rider Tim Cope and his travelling companion cycle across Russia!
Tim Cope and Chris Hatherly
Reiten und Denken
A handbook for horsemen and horsewomen (German)
Otto Schwarz
Ride across America
A Journey by Horse across the American Environment
Lucian Spataro
Ride Pennsylvania Horse Trails - Parts I and II
More than 90 horseback riding, hiking, and biking trails in Pennsylvania
Carolyn B. Cook
Rider Ride On
book about horse travel and endurance racing in America is fascinating. 
George Hillard
Romantische Vagabunden
The story of a journey from Portugal to Turkey across the whole of Europe (German).
Anita Isoardi
Russie des chevaux, des hommes, et des saints Jean-Louis Gouraud
Saddled with Darwin 
Toby Green rides in Darwin's footsteps through South America.
Toby Green
The enchanting story of Dmitri Peshkov's truly astounding ride from Russia's Far East to St. Petersburg.  (French)
Now in a new edition to accompany the release of the film about Dmitri Peshkov!
Jean-Louis Gouraud
The Seven Year Hitch
The compelling tale of the Grant family's epic journey to circumnavigate the globe with a horse-drawn wagon.
David Grant
Silk Route Adventure
An enthralling account of a seemingly impossible journey.
Claire Burgess Watson
Sufridor is a horse, and recounts his adventures as he was ridden from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska.  (Spanish)
Louis Bruhnke
Тайны  истории в романах, повестях и документах 
Three wonderful stories, including an account of Dmitri Peshkov's incredible ride (see Serko above).  (Russian)
Жан-Луи Гуро
Talking to the Ground 
One family's adventures on horseback across the sacred land of the Navajo.
Douglas Preston

Trail Riding
A Comprehensive Guide to enjoying your Horse Outdoors

 Janine Wilder
Trail Riding
Train, Prepare, Pack up and Hit the Trail
Rhonda Hart Poe
You must Die Once
A Journey through Tibet
Ian Robinson
Trail Riding Western Montana 
If you want to go to one of the most beautiful States and enjoy it from the back of a horse, this book is a must!
Carellen Smith-Barnett
Wandering Minstrel
The enchanting story about a 1950s ride across America.
"Cowboy Jim" Gregory
Wild About Horses 
Essential reading for all horse-lovers, this book includes a chapter about some of the most amazing Long Rides of all time!
Lawrence Scanlan

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