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Talking to the Ground - One Family's Journey on Horseback across the Sacred Land of the Navajo by Douglas Preston

Imagine setting off on horseback in search of a Native American legend!

In 1992 famed equestrian author and traveler, Doug Preston, and his family did just that. They saddled up three fine horses and set off across the desert country of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico in search of adventure and  answers.

Doug, his wife Christine, and her daughter Selene thus began an equestrian exploration that retraced the route of a Navajo deity. According to native legend, Naayéé neizghání, the Slayer of Alien Gods, had once traveled through this same desert land in a quest to restore beauty and balance to the Earth.

This then is the story of one family's horseback journey through the sacred lands of the Navajo people.  Part gripping adventure, part spiritual struggle, Preston tells the story of how he and his family rode their horses  through a seldom seen portion of the American Southwest, all the while interweaving a twin tale of the Navajo people and their elusive deity.

More than a travelogue, "Talking to the Ground" is Preston's account of a journey where two cultures meet in a sacred land.

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