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ISBN 1590480562

Boots and Saddles in Africa, Thomas Lambie - One of the geographic legends of the early twentieth century was the Abyssinian kingdom of Emperor Haile Selassie. Existing in self-imposed isolation, this medieval world was an adventurer’s paradise when Thomas Lambie arrived in 1919. A missionary and physician, Lambie was in addition a first class horseman with a hunger for excitement.
Eventually Lambie was called to ride through the mountainous countryside to visit one of the local kings, His Majesty Ras Tafari (afterwards to be crowned Emperor Haile Selassie). Thus began one of the strangest friendships in Ethiopian history, the hard riding doctor and the mysterious ruler of a kingdom dating back 2,000 years.
“Boots and Saddles in Africa” is Lambie’s story of his equestrian journeys, told with the grit and realism that marks a true classic. Twelve journeys are laid out, all taken for a definite medical purpose or on orders of the Emperor, in which Lambie rode through the hidden hills and roadless green valleys of a country that has become a legend among travelers.
The rediscovered classic, full of practical knowledge and lost wisdom, is a spirited read for students of either horses or history.
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Travels with Fortune, Christina Dodwell - This is the amazing tale of Christina Dodwell’s first adventure: a three-year journey through Africa. She was twenty-four when she and three companions crossed the Sahara by Landrover. But the two men of the party took the car and left her and her friend Lesley stranded in the middle of Nigeria.

Recounted with modesty and good humour, it is a story of great tenacity and incredible courage. Christina travelled by horse, camel, on foot, hitching lifts from time to time—even hailing passing airplanes out of the sky!

The author shared meals with cannibals, was treated by witch-doctors, learned to pan gold, and was imprisoned on a boat by a sexually perverse sea captain. She and her friend journeyed almost a thousand miles down the Congo River in a dugout canoe: the first women in the world to accomplish such a hazardous journey.

This is a truly extraordinary travel book. It is a brilliant account of Africa, its sights and smells, its many races, seen through the eyes of an English girl. It is also the story of the education of innocence, a deeply honest self-portrait of Christina Dodwell’s reactions to herself in Africa—and how Africa changed her.

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The Will to Win, Gordon Naysmith - Imagine the most impossible equestrian journey of all time – now double it. Pretend for a moment you’re tough enough to ride 20,000 kilometres from Africa to Austria – then consider the fact that someone actually rode that far.
This book recounts the only equestrian journey of its kind undertaken during the 20th century – a mounted trip stretching across 16 countries.
Gordon Naysmith, a Scottish pentathlete and former military man, set out in 1970 to ride from the tip of the African continent to the 1972 Olympic Games in distant Germany.
Already an accomplished horseman, Naysmith thought he understood the dangers and rigours the journey would throw at him.  He was wrong.
The trail across Africa brought the Long Rider and his rugged Basutho horses into contact with the most dangerous predators on the continent – both men and beasts. Deserts, wars, ambushes. Naysmith rode through them all with a ferocious determination. He was trapped with his horses on board ship in the Red Sea. He nearly died of thirst in the deserts of Arabia.
Nothing stopped him.
At one point, suffering from an injury about to turn gangrenous, Naysmith “dressed the wound and gave myself a jab of vitamin B12. Heavy dose for a man but I have to ride on.”

The world threw a great many obstacles at Gordon.

The world failed.

Here then is the unique tale of a complicated man who would not be conquered. Hard at times on himself, his horses and even the woman he loved, Naysmith reveals a strange mixture of warm Celtic charm and cold relentless drive. Of all the equestrian travel books written about 20th century mounted adventure, The Will to Win stands alone in terms of the length of the journey, the number of dangers overcome and the sheer determination of the rider.  Some may argue that Naysmith is not a polished writer.   He is instead a Long Rider who has shared the story of his marvellous equestrian odyssey.

If you’re looking for romance, this isn’t the book for you. If you want to ride the rough road, then press on.

But remember, you’ve been warned !

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