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Saddled with Darwin by Toby Green

With an experience of horses confined largely to the betting shop and no logistical support, Toby Green set out on a voyage which was to take him through six South American countries and nearly 6,000 kilometres.  One hundred and sixty-five years after Charles Darwin embarked on the journey which produced the most radical theory of modern times, Toby Green set out to retrace his footsteps on horseback.

Green's epic journey involved close encounters with landslides, sinking mud and pit vipers.  Saddled with Darwin is a vivid account of the evolutionary changes which have convulsed South America since Darwin's time and an incisive portrait of change across a continent.

'A very good read indeed.  His epic journey takes him through wild and wonderful scenery, his style is clear and unaffected, he brings to life the people he meets and he treats the whole gruelling adventure with unquenchable enthusiasm.  A pleasure' 
Michael Palin

'An excellent and thought-provoking book, describing a perilous adventure undertaken not by one man or two, but by our entire species'


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