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“A Search For A Shadow Of The Past”

Barry Murray made a journey from the Mexican to the Canadian borders.  He was accompanied by his wife and three children, Barry Jr. (aged 12), Bernadette (aged 10) and Colette (aged 8).

As he himself writes, "After thirty years of excuses, I decided I  had better get this book published. After all, an account of pioneering the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail by taking a family riding horseback through 2,500 wilderness miles from Mexico to Canada, must have some meaning."

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Dare to Dream

Stevenson O'Connor


Dare to Dream is based on the true events of Long Rider Stevenson's four-month trek of self-discovery, and rehabilitation with his newly acquired equine companion Colina (Murphy). Stevenson's trek took him through remote parts of Western Andalusia, over Portuguese mountains, along the Camino de Santiago trail, over the Pyrenees into France, Brittany and finally Cornwall. The driving force behind this trek was Stevenson's wish to live a dream he had held all his life, to travel with a horse. For Stevenson, a manic depressive, this was a voyage of discovery and catharsis, a means to come to terms with his condition. This is an excellently written and often emotional book which takes the reader through the ups and downs (both literally and metaphorically) of Stevenson's adventure!

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Ride the Rising Wind
One Woman's Journey across Canada

Barbara Kingscote

Published by NeWest Press

In May 1949, at the age of twenty, Barbara Kingscote left her farm in Mascouche, Quebec, and set out for the Pacific Ocean on horseback.  Barbara and her equine companion Zazy reached the west coast just over a year later, after travelling 4,000 miles and discovering the heart of that great country.

A touching coming of age tale, Ride the Rising Wind invites us all to travel along with Barbara and Zazy as they struggle through the harsh wilderness and still-developing urban centres of the Canadian landscape in the mid-twentieth century.  With only $100, three maps and a handful of supplies, the intrepid duo made their trek across the country counting on luck, determination and the generosity of strangers to see them through.

From the vast shores of the Great Lakes to the stark beauty of the plains and the towering heights of the Rockies, Ride the Rising Wind reveals Canada through the fresh eyes of a brave young woman discovering both herself and her country on the journey of a lifetime.


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Richard la Tondre has painstakingly been translating the journals of Historical Long Rider Baron Yasumasa Fukushima, who, in 1892, made an astonishing 9,000-mile ride from Berlin to Vladivostok and thence back to Tokyo.  Click here to learn more about this 488-day solo journey across two continents and seven countries. 

Why Walk when you can Ride?

Tania Krupitza

Seduced by grandiose visions of explorers of old, Tania Krupitza and two friends decided to buy horses and ride them through Ecuador. Despite a queue of charming Ecuadorian gentlemen eager to help, they ended up with one horse that looked like a mule, one that liked to go backwards instead of forwards and one that turned out to be Houdini reincarnated.

Determined to prove that girls can do anything, they declined offers of machetes and bodyguards and set off. They slogged through rivers of mud and soaked in steaming hot pools in lost Indian villages. They saw sunrise over snow-capped volcanoes and galloped their horses across vast plains at 4000 metres above sea level. They met lonesome cowboys, Colombian hippies and ferocious patriarchs.

They discovered how difficult it is to find horses in Ecuador and how easy it is to lose them.

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Over Het Dak van Amerika

Te paard door de Rocky Mountains

by Wout Overbeeke

This delightful book recounts Long Rider Wout Overbeeke’s ride through the Rocky Mountains.  A must for Dutch-speakers, it also includes a good deal of English dialogue.

Old Shatterhand op zijn paard in de wildernis

Het wordt een reis met een ontnuchterende werking.  De droombeelden uit zijn jeugd blijken maar mondjesmaat met de realiteit overeen te komen.  De werkelijkheid van nu daarentegen is overdonderend, en fantastischer dan hij domen kon.

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