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ISBN 1590480759 


From Paris to New York by Land, Harry de Windt - When it came to dash and flair, few  nineteenth-century adventure travelers could compete with handsome Harry de Windt. A Fellow of the prestigious Royal Geographic Society of England, De Windt already had a reputation for bravery and foolhardiness. Then he decided to top his own reputation by undertaking a journey too crazy to be considered by anyone else.

He announced to a stunned Europe that he was going to leave his adopted home in Paris and journey to New York city. However instead of traveling west, crossing the Atlantic on a ship like everyone else in his day, De Windt proposed to travel east, across the frozen steppes of Siberia by horse-drawn sleigh, over the ice-packs of the Arctic Ocean by dog-sled, through the dark waterways of Canada by boat, and finally past the western deserts of the United States by train, before finally reaching his destination in faraway New York.

What followed can only be compared to a Jules Verne fiction, yet is absolutely true. De Windt dined with political exiles in Siberia, almost starved in the Arctic ice fields, and lived through more dangers than a dozen men. Yet through it all this dashing explorer kept his nerve and his panache. Amply illustrated with photographs taken by the author, “From Paris to New York by Land” remains a page-turning thriller of early adventure travel.   Please visit Barnes & Noble or Amazon.co.uk

ISBN 1590480449

Ride a White Horse, William Holt - Equestrian stories are full of adventures, adversities, dangers and drama. Yet the curious story of William Holt and his cart horse, Trigger, is one of the most inspiring equestrian travel tales ever told. After rescuing the gelding from slaughter, and then nursing him back to health, the 67-year-old Holt and his horse set out in 1964 on an incredible 9,000 mile, non-stop journey through western Europe.
Holt never ranked himself above his mount. The resultant trip saw them sleeping out in the rough without a tent for more than 400 nights. Together they faced great hardships, suffering through storms, floods and whirlwinds. At one point in their travels the ageing gypsies were even marooned on a ledge and nearly drowned by the raging sea.
Because of these shared dangers, Holt and Trigger maintained a legendary bond that touched people’s hearts. An Italian princess had jewels set in one of Trigger’s old shoes. When they rode into London the likeable duo were guests of the Queen of England.
Amply illustrated with photographs and drawings by the author, “Ride a White Horse” remains the classic equestrian tale of a man and his beloved horse who embarked together on an extraordinary adventure
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ISBN 1590480546

Riding the Milky Way, Babette Gallard - On the warm spring day when Babette Gallard and Paul Chinn decided to ride 1600 kilometres along the St James Way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, he had never ridden before, she had only ever ridden under duress, their horses had yet to be found and the dog was a passing whim they were trying to forget.

“Riding the Milky Way” tells the story of their journey, but it is not about hardships and heroes. In fact it was a motley and uninspiring crew that left Le Puy en Velay, France, in July 2005. The humans, broke, burnt-out and vaguely hoping that early retirement would save their health and sanity. The horses, plucked off the equine scrap heap in France and still grappling with their new roles as something between mount and mountain goat. The dog, doing his best to understand why he was there. But seventy-five days later humans, horses and dog reached their destination, having overcome all the challenges, and most importantly having found they had become an inseparable team.

This inspiring, amusing and informative book sweeps the reader along with each member as he or she, horse or dog, progresses step by step towards a goal that has become more than just Santiago. At the same time, the author is uncompromisingly honest about the mistakes they made. She not only explains how to avoid the pitfalls they encountered but also tells the reader what is expected of riders making this ancient pilgrimage.

Packed with sketches and photographs, this book will inspire even the most timid traveller, while also giving practical guidance for someone wanting to do a similar journey. Finally, it is much more than just a good read. It is an excellent, if sometimes irreverent, guide to the legendary St James Way.

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ISBN 1590480244

Travels with a Donkey, Robert Louis Stevenson - In 1878, famed author Robert Louis Stevenson set out to explore the remote Cevennes mountains of France. The author of numerous adventure classics, Stevenson determined to travel alone, unless you count the infamous Modestine among his companions?
This stubborn and manipulative pack-donkey alternately hampered and hurried Stevenson’s progress through the lovely landscape of southern France.
First published in 1879, Stevenson’s account of his travels reflect his need for a journey in search of personal peace and professional escape. Though he travelled light, he carried the burdens of inspiration packed carefully away in Modestine’s pack-saddle.
Although it is not remembered as being a dangerous expedition, this trip produced famous results. It was while he was lodging at the famed Trappist Monastery of Notre Dame des Neiges, that Stevenson derived the inspiration for his beloved poem, “Our Lady of the Snows.”  Out of print for too long, “Travels With a Donkey” is truly a neglected travel classic.
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ISBN 1590481216


White Horses Over France, Robin Hanbury-Tenison - This book tells the story of a magical journey – and how, in fulfilment of a personal dream, the first Camargue horses set foot on British soil in the late summer of 1984.  It is also a vigorous celebration of life on horseback, and in particular a tribute to two enchanting and affectionate characters who, bred for their stamina, intelligence and skill at working with bulls, proved to be scared stiff of cows – and even sheep. 
In a life filled with exotic explorations and adventures, Robin Hanbury-Tenison had always nursed one particular ambition:  to bring home to his farm in Cornwall working horses from the famous wetlands of southern France.  He and his wife Louella chose two horses and named them respectively Thibert and Tiki after the village where the finest Camargue saddles are made
and the paddle steamer on the Petit Rhone.  Their 1,000-mile route encompassed ancient forti­fied towns in the Languedoc, rocky plains skirting the Massif Central, the beautiful gorge of the Aveyron, prehistoric caves, the Dordogne, the Loire and the waterways of Brittany.
Camping and sampling the delights of country inns, Robin and Louella encountered a rich array of landowners, peasant farmers, blacksmiths, fishermen and café patrons.  Any native inhibitions were quickly dispersed by Thibert and Tiki, who made friends wherever they went.  They also took part in the ancient and spectacular running of the bulls in a small Camargue village.
This book will be both an inspiration and a guide to travellers.  The sights of France – the superb châteaux and the varied scenery – and the sounds and smells of the country are all the more sharply observed from the author’s vantage-point
à cheval.  It is a travel book par excellence.   Click here to go to Amazon.co.uk or Barnes & Noble

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